We, Fast Class Services, specialize in operational management and providing swift manpower solutions to well-known MNCs With over six years of experience handling manpower operations, you can be guaranteed of highly reliable services that will be tailored for all your business needs. 

We focus on providing consultation on the setup of new operational process, which gives clienteles access to deeper levels of expertise and expenditure control. One of our key business strategies involve identifying the growth opportunities within your organization and ensuring rapid expansion through market research by our business development team. 

At Fast Class Services, we are highly committed to ensure that manpower provided will meet at least 90% fulfillment. We take relentless efforts to understand your business needs and help you overcome difficult challenges such as the shortage of manpower.


We in Fast Class Services constantly strive for the materialization of a sustainable society while fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibilities through our main business. We believe that a critical aspect our role as a corporate citizen is to promote and protect the social and economic interests of future generations. By integrating CSR into our decision-making to achieve wider economic and community impact, the positive developments in society will in turn enhance our ability to pursue our business successfully.

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